Pool Maintenance

Don’t have time to maintain your pool??

No Problem!!  Let us take care of that, for a worry-free season!!

(Please note if you choose Bi Weekly, you would need to do the maintenance the week we are not there)

Weekly or Bi Weekly Pool Maintenance 

(We can also look after your pool when you go on vacation and select the days you require)

Weekly detailed Maintenance sheet left for you to see what was done, and if there are any problems that need to be addressed.

Clean scum line and steps

Vacuum (Please make sure water is up to at least the middle of the skimmer before visits)

Skim water

Clean skimmer and pump baskets of debris

Chemical Inventory done monthly ( therefore using what you have and not bringing new chemicals unless needed.)

Monthly water testing

Balance water as needed, being chemicals can only be added at certain times, if we require you to add something we will mark down on your Maintenance sheet, as well as on the pail for easy application.

Maintenance Chemicals added Weekly (sticks/pucks, algicide and shock based on the size of your pool)

Monthly billing