Pool Opening & Closing

Pool Opening Procedure:

  • Removal, cleaning and folding of pool cover
  • Reinstalling of pool deck equipment – diving board, ladder, hand rails
  • Removing winter plugs from returns and replacing with return fittings
  • The pool system will either be primed or started with your manual vacuum…. depending on the condition of pool as well as water level we will either prime the lines so you just need to flick the switch once pool is full OR we will use your vacuum to trick the pool to think that it is full and have it running…. once water is up to level the pool can be turned off, vacuum removed and turned back on.
  • Scrubbing water line and coping as well as hosing off deck area surrounding the pool.Scrubbing water line and coping as well as hosing off deck area surrounding the pool
  • A quick vacuum will be provided for safety cover pools only (Due to the silt making its way through the safety cover, a second vacuum will probably have to be done by home owner once the silt from the initial vacuum settles)
  • Start up chemicals will be added (Cl2 and algicide) let run for a few days and bring your water into the shop to balance, please make note of chemicals you have at home so we can use up what you have and not sell you more chemicals you do not need. (ie. Stabilizer, Alkalinity, PH, Calcium)

Pool Closing Procedure:

  • Drain water to 1” below returns
  • Blow out lines with high pressure blower
  • Remove drain plugs from equipment
  • Remove return fittings and replace with winter plugs
  • Add winterizing chemicals
  • Put tarp on
Pool Closing